During the maintenance period scheduled for today Friday, November 16th, 2018, we were only able to upgrade one of the two required edge routers. As planned there was no network outages or issues that occurred. Unfortunately, we weren't able to upgrade to the new second edge router as the time passed the scheduled maintenance period. We decided to monitor one of the new edge routers that's currently in production. Then proceed to upgrade to the second router on the following time:


Location: 900 N. Alameda (LAX01)
Date: Sunday, November 18th, 2018
Start Time: 6:00PM PT
End Time: 11:00PM PT
Expected Outage: If there is an outage, less than 15 minutes

Risk: None


During this maintenance window, our networking team will be performing a hardware swap for the second edge router to a higher model which provide your public Internet connectivity.

In the event that an issue does occur during the upgrade, we will notify you immediately and rectify the issue.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please contact our support department at https://www.layerhost.com/billing/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=3 or call +1-833-247-4678

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this maintenance and welcome all feedback.

LayerHost NOC Team
http ://www.layerhost.com

Monday, November 19, 2018

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