[FOUND] Counter-Strike GO Automated Update

Dear Customer, We are proud to announce the automated Counter-Strike: GO update feature. Please follow these steps in updating your CS:GO server. If you encounter an update error from connecting to your server​ please do the following: 1. Login to http://gpanel.globalfrag.com 2. Click on your server that you want to update. 3. Stop the ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2012
CS:GO Automated Updates

Dear Customer, We are working on an automated system with Counter-Strik: GO. We know it's a hassle to submit a ticket and letting us know about the update. But we will work hard in getting back to you ASAP and updating those servers manually. As of right now we are looking to see how their new system with SteamCMD works on automated updates. ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2012
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