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The Beginnings of LayerHost


In 2010, during the beginning of LayerHost, Global Frag Networks began its pivot from specifically hosting game servers to all aspects of hosting, such as dedicated servers, colocation and VPS hosting. This served as the first point of transition of Global Frag Networks to LayerHost. We thought this turning point is the perfect opportunity to migrate our name, which comes from our deep, gaming roots to a more encompassing and diverse designation. We would like you to meet LayerHost.

LayerHost started in 2007 as, Global Frag Networks, a name perfectly illustrating the direct connection to the game server hosting industry at the time. It was founded by Mohamad Kazah, a gaming enthusiast who was also itching to flex his entrepreneurial muscles that he had inherited from observing his father first-hand. In turn, there was no conflict to be had between the pursuit of gaming and the pursuit of entrepreneurial ambitions. His interest in the backend led him to obsess in learning everything he could about how the gaming industry worked. Needless to say, a lot of late nights ensued, and this would plant the importance of customer satisfaction early into how Global Frag Networks operated. The same fundamental principles hold true for LayerHost today.

“If the customer is not happy, then we are not happy.”

“If the customer is not happy, then we are not happy. We must do everything we can to ensure that our customers get the value they demand and desire. They deserve it.” These words echoed by Mohamad, is the same mantra that is exercised on a day-to-day basis. Our mission as LayerHost is to continue the same pursuit of high level of service and customer satisfaction. We plan on expanding to several locations worldwide in order to meet the demands of clients all over the globe. Our mission is to accommodate a diverse array of clients from the blogger with a dream who is just starting out, to the mature FinTech corporation who expects nothing but the best hosting provider in security and service.

The goals of LayerHost and how it will continue to grow will be ambitious, but we wont do anything differently than what we have done in the past as Global Frag Networks. We will still have the best customer service amongst our competitors. To make sure to understand your business and networking needs to ensure that you have a partner who today and tomorrow, if or when you choose to expand. We have accumulated tremendous knowledge about your needs and we will work with you on the most fitting hosting package that we can deliver and save you a ton of headaches (and costs, too).

We look forward to documenting our journey and progress with you, and it is our hope that you will be with us during our growth as well.

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