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The Difference Between Bare Metal Servers, Unmetered Servers, and Dedicated Servers

Added on 3 November 2019 under General category(s)

What’s the Difference? Three major server classifications commonly emerge when businesses are undertaking a server upgrade or searching for hosting solutions. In fact, you may have already noticed frequent mentions of bare metal servers, unmetered servers, and dedicated servers. Which

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What Do DDoS Mitigation Providers Offer?

Added on 12 October 2019 under General category(s)

In 1996, one of the oldest ISPs in the world fell victim to a flooding attack, which brought down its services for days while vendors attempted to find a way to stop the flow of useless requests to the network. Although

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LayerHost Acquires WEBXURY in Monumental Deal

Added on 29 September 2019 under General category(s)

We never stopped growing. LayerHost has come a long way since its inception as Global Frag Networks in 2007. We have started out being the leading hosting provider of the gaming industry, and our organizational pivot came in 2012. We

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The Beginnings of LayerHost

Added on 13 November 2018 under General category(s)

  In 2010, Global Frag Networks began its pivot from specifically hosting game servers to all aspects of hosting, such as dedicated servers, colocation and VPS hosting. This served as the first point of transition of Global Frag Networks to

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