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LayerHost Acquires WEBXURY in Monumental Deal

We never stopped growing.

LayerHost has come a long way since its inception as Global Frag Networks in 2007. We have started out being the leading hosting provider of the gaming industry, and our organizational pivot came in 2012. We decided to offer networking solutions beyond dedicated server hosting that was targeted towards an enterprise clientele. We have been growing strategically to offer all of our clients, existing and new, amazing new services that is second to our stellar customer service ever since. We really haven’t stopped growing since then, and we take great pride and excitement in developing not only our company, but the companies we work with as well.

That is why we are excited to announce that Layerhost (https://www.layerhost.com/), a leading provider of dedicated servers, colocation, IP transit, DDoS mitigation and VPS, has negotiated a successful acquisition of Webxury (https://www.webxury.com), a Los Angeles based provider of dedicated servers, cloud solutions, colocation, and VPS. This acquisition places the management and operations of Webxury to LayerHost.

Webxury was founded in 2014 by Alen Xu and Alan Xie. The two of them met due to their love of basketball, fast cars and server hosting technology. As they started conversing, they realized that there was a business opportunity in bringing high Asia-optimized networks from Los Angeles to China.

Alen Xu
Alan Xie

“Our structure is deeply rooted in a strong emphasis of placing our customers first…” -Mohamad Kazah, CEO & Founder of LayerHost

“What excites us the most is knowing that we can introduce our amazing customer service to a new customer base. The foundation of our operational structure and corporate mission are deeply rooted in a strong emphasis of placing our customers first. I hope that all of our customers, existing and new, share our excitement at this recent news.” Said LayerHost Founder and CEO, Mohamad Kazah. “Our new customers will be immediately introduced to the quality of service that sets us apart from our competitors. We are willing to bet that they will be pleasantly surprised to see what they have been missing out with their other hosting providers in the past!” Currently, our departments are in the process of integrating all of the Webxury clients to the LayerHost website.

Mohamad Kazah, founder & CEO of LayerHost, powerfully and strategically negotiates the acquisition of Webxury.

LayerHost’s new customers should expect to receive the same pricing (no markups here), the same style of operations, as well as the same services. Our company culture is strongly against any changes which deprioritize the customers for the sake of profit. We believe that the happy customer comes from being treated with fairness, respect and hospitality. Because of our down-to-earth nature, we are able to treat every customer’s issues with great depth and personalization. With that said, our new customers will enjoy an elevated tier of service; one that all of our current customers receive by default, and should consider this “white-glove” service a standard henceforth. As our family grows, so does our capabilities and capacity to provide value to each and every one of their companies and organizations. We would like to welcome the new addition to our our growing LayerHost family.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please give us a call at 1-833-247-HOST.

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