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Edge of Network – The New Data Superhighway

Added on 20 July 2021 under Networking category(s)

A specialist surveyor is using a drone to assess the area just outside of San Francisco for potential wildfire vulnerability. A flare up would not only endanger local wildlife in a protected habitat, but it would threaten multiple suburban hillside

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Earn Money with LayerHost Affiliate Program

Added on 12 May 2020 under Affiliate Program, General category(s)

Earn Money with LayerHost by referring your friends and family and let us worry about their hosting issues as you earn money. Unlike other companies who provide a one-time payout, LayerHost provides a recurring commission structure so that you will

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The Meaning Behind Web Hosting

Added on 26 March 2020 under Web Hosting, Website category(s)

What Is Web Hosting? Most of us don’t think much about the intricacies of how the internet works until it is time for us to set up our own presence on the web. Setting up a website isn’t that complicated,

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Reasons to Host your Website With a Provider

Added on 17 January 2020 under General category(s)

There are several things to consider when building a website and the reasons why you should work with a hosting provider. We often spend most of our time thinking about the user experience – how the site will look and

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SSD vs SATA Hard Drive Reliability

Added on 2 January 2020 under Hard Drives category(s)

SSD vs SATA Hard Drive Reliability When buying a PC, hard drives are important considerations. This is because they perform a broad range of function for the user. First, hard drives increase the performance of a system; they are also

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Difference Between Server Types

Added on 3 November 2019 under Servers category(s)

What’s the Difference? Three major server classifications commonly emerge when businesses are undertaking a server upgrade or searching for hosting solutions. In fact, you may have already noticed frequent mentions of bare metal servers, unmetered servers, and dedicated servers. Which

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What Do DDoS Mitigation Providers Offer?

Added on 12 October 2019 under General category(s)

In 1996, one of the oldest ISPs in the world fell victim to a flooding attack, which brought down its services for days while vendors attempted to find a way to stop the flow of useless requests to the network. Although

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LayerHost Acquires WEBXURY in Monumental Deal

Added on 29 September 2019 under General category(s)

We never stopped growing. LayerHost has come a long way since its inception as Global Frag Networks in 2007. We have started out being the leading hosting provider of the gaming industry, and our organizational pivot came in 2012. We

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Data Center – LayerHost Expands Its Operations To Houston, Texas

Added on 8 July 2019 under Data Center category(s)

LayerHost, a US-based data center and hosting provider expands its full suite of service offerings with the opening of their new location data center in Houston, Texas. The 350,000 square feet data center offers top-notch, 24/7/365 security, as well as

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Dedicated Server Features to Look For WhenChoosing a Hosting Provider

Added on 21 January 2019 under Hosting category(s)

It’s the new year, and your business is starting to experience growth like it has never seen before. Order your dedicated server today before it’s too late. Maybe you are in the field of business where the privacy and security

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